Genre: Casual

Play as Ganesh as he takes on the roads of heaven on his mouse to destroy demons who attacked Heaven! All gods are surprised to see these Demons/Rakshasa group attacking heaven and everyone goes to Lord Shiva to explain the situation. Lord Shiva then decides to send Ganesha for this battle and will design a special power gun to destroy them. Ganesh accepts the mission and starts his battle by destroying all the demons who took over heaven. Tap and hold on either side of the screen to move Ganesh and release to get back to the center. Plan proper angle and anticipation of demons to shoot. Collect the lamp to gain ammo for the gun, collect 10 in a row to upgrade and shoot multiple shots. Do not miss lamp to maintain the upgrade. Hop On, get funky and enjoy the ride on GunEsha

Release Date: 11 January 2016

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