Zombie Harvest

Creative Mobile
Genre: Action

Ta-dam! It's not just another one of those ""zombie-killing"" free games. But, yes, most of the addicting games are about zombies, so we?ve blended in some extra healthy veggie fun!

Are you ready to discover a story about the mightiest vegetables in a battle against zombies?

Meet Zombie Harvest - a sarcastic parody of popular mobile games, with a twist! There are the peaceful vegetables, living free and relaxed. Well, you know, there are peppers, pumpkins, and stuff like that. Suddenly ... Some greedy disgusting zombies are planning to steal the seeds from the cool as a cucumber vegetables!

So stop lying there you couch potato, it's time to get into some shooting games!

Shoot, defend, attack, and win! Zomboleon, Dyson and other limbs of the devil, or maybe the products of the inflamed minds of our free game designers are ready to do battle with you.

Fortunately, these are the reddest and hottest peppers in the ranks of our veggie crew! Throw anything you have at hand a

Release Date: 10 September 2015

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